Largest Outdoor Waterpark in the World – Noah’s Ark

Ginormous slides, tsunami-like waves in the wave pool and tons of splashing fun in the sun – all that and more are waterparks for you. Nothing says summer more than an outdoor waterpark.

The World Waterpark Association reveals that there are more than 1200 waterparks in the United States alone!

But if we talk about the largest outdoor waterpark in the world, Noah’s Ark in Wisconsin Dells comes to mind.
It is an enormous waterpark, being the largest in America, with jaw-dropping, exhilarating rides and slides.

Here you can enjoy boarding the Surfin’ Safari and get spooked and thrilled in four different ways on the deep, dark Black Thunder water slide. You will know if you’re a water-slide daredevil if you ride the hair-raising, toe-curling Point of No Return that has a seriously near-vertical plunge straight down!

If you’re visiting the waterpark with your family, then do go for the Time Warp, where a raft with four persons on it is sucked into the unknown.

Plus at Noah’s Ark, you get to enjoy the world’s largest water-bowl ride as well.